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shuba we have to say good night to you, baby, and adriana, we want you to go through. >> girls tonight. it's very tough moment to say good-bye after all the competition. and there you have it. look over there at the stools. you've got teena, cree, angela amber and adriana who will sing for your votes. a round of applause in las vegas. they've earned those spots, but who from the guys is going to get that honor? ten of them sing for survival tomorrow night. one more time for all of our judges and shuba, thank you very much.
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you can go say good-bye for your buddy. that's it for tonight. we'll see you tomorrow at 8:00, 7:00 central.
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they basically chopped it from here. >> thieves stole her honda civic on christmas morning. >> a stolen car chop shop busted in contra costa county. tonight, we talked to a woman who's stolen car was recovered in pieces. new at 10:00, amber lee, leave in concord. >> reporter: frank, we're at american tow. this is where several dismantled stolen vehicles are kept, including the honda civic you see in this video. >> i was in disbelief.
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he was in shock. i wasn't prepared. >> completely dismantled. >> reporter: this is what's left of her honda civic after it was stolen christmas morning. >> i had the car locked. i had the alarm on, and i didn't hear anything. >> reporter: the single mom tells me, she had just been laid off from her job. christmas presents were inside the civic when it was stolen. she filed a police report, but no word until last friday. almost two months later, chp notified her her car had been found. >> at a chop shop in pittsburg. they told me it was a ring, and they had busted a couple of places. >> we want to identify these people and bring them to justice. >> reporter: investigators discovered three honda civics, including her's, and parts of a toyota suv and what turned out
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to be a chop shop. >> they were able to identify several components in vehicles which were determined to have been stolen. >> reporter: the highway patrol says stolen vehicles ending up in chop shops is a common occurrence. and the honda civic is a favorite of thieves. it has a recipe of repair at the auto repair business. >> i hope the person that did this, or the people that did this, or the businesses that did this, they get prosecuted, and have to pay restitution and not just a slap on the wrist. >> reporter: she did have insurance and plans to buy another civic. the highway patrol says consumers who unknowingly purchase stolen parts, will have the item confiscated, and be out of the money. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. we have developing news in berkely tonight, where a man is barricaded inside a building. police tell us, the man is
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holed up at a house at addson, and jefferson about five blocks from the usc campus. our crews spotted a s.w.a.t. team there. this all started about 7:00 tonight. police say they have reports of shots fired from a car at two different locations. no one was hit. officers traced the license plate to the registered owner, and now police negotiators are trying to talk to a man. >> reporter: sonoma county sheriff investigators are releasing photos of a man who linked to the triple homicide. this picture of a ford ranger pickup truck, that the men may have been driving. earlier this month, three people were found shot to death in the bedroom of this home in forestville. investigators say it was a marijuana deal that went bad. a colorado man has already been arrested, and authorities now say they also want to talk to those other two men.
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a man wanted by police in san leandro was captured in hayward. he was wanted for getting into a fight with a police officer last week. he got away then, but was found today. police say espinoza has several warrants. the obama administration has filed a brief, urging overturning california's ban on gay marriage. ken wayne is live in the newsroom, and tells us, the president's opinion can carry weight with the court. >> the president himself once said, his views on gay marriage were evolving. it now appears his position is locked in. the president made his case clear during his inauguration speech. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone
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else under the law. >> reporter: there are some gay rights supporters who want the white house to not just talk about same-sex marriage, but file a brief with the supreme court, urging california's ban on same-sex marriage be overturned. >> both the legal merits support marriage equality, and also the majority of americans support marriage equality. >> reporter: the solicitor general who represents the federal government at the supreme court already plans to argue against the defense of marriage act, urging that same sex partners receive the same benefits as heterosexual couples. the president's vocal support is already having an effect. >> having a president putting his thumb on the scale in a sense, in the court of public opinion is important. there's a fair amount of research that suggests, the supreme court, like any group of human beings listens to
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public opinion. >> reporter: with polls showing most americans supporting gay marriage. some say the supreme court has some catching up to do. >> that used to be, kind of the advanced guard for this area. now it's trailing public opinion. >> reporter: we tried to contact representatives of protect marriage, which supports prop 8, but were unsuccessful. the supreme court is set to hear arguments in the case on march 26. live in the newsroom, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. a vallejo coach filed suit against -- >> i exposed some dirty little secrets that may or may not have been going on that school for some time. >> he says he's being made the scapegoat for blowing the whistle on hazing of younger players by older players.
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but the school says he was ultimately responsible for supervising the students. he was the only person fired. five varsity players were expelled. the diocese of sacramento, and the school's principal are all named in that lawsuit. the owner of two dogs that died after s.w.a.t. officers fired tear gas into her home is now suing the vallejo police department. the incident happened in february of last year on castlewood drive. police surrounded a home where they believed several men were hidek. officers fired tear gas into the home, which police say knocked over some flammable household products. the owner of the dogs has filed suit against the city and the police department, seeking unspecified damages. now to santa cruz, where police attended a community meeting tonight to address a string of violent crimes. maureen naylor is there, and tells us, these incidents have left many people on edge.
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>> reporter: this month alone, a homicide in the city and sexual assault on campus. police announced a $5,000 reward to catch the suspected rapist. they are also expanding a program to he is -- escort people at night. bruises the and cuts from a frightening ordeal. this father of two daughters around 40:00 this morning, woke up to two masked men over he and his wife's board. >> the guy with the sword had me get out of bed, get on my knees. >> reporter: he and his wife were able to tackle one of the men. the other got away. the home invasion robbery is the latest in a string of crimes. in the last week and a half, five investigations launched, including a uc santa cruz student shot in the head. police launched an investigation after a woman walking on campus said she was sexually assaulted in the middle of the day. >> we hear about violence and
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crime, and we hear about it in the city, but it finally touched our campus. what do we do? >> reporter: police have released two sketches. the one on the left from the bus stop shooting, on the right, the sexual assault suspect. while the features are similar, they do not believe the cases are linked. >> absolutely, it's unusual to have a spike in crime like this. >> reporter: police spoke with 100 people to help them feel safer, saying police will have extra patrols. >> we have every available resource into working these cases with our detectives, as well as having proactive patrols out on the streets. >> reporter: back here on campus, anyone here can call public safety and ask for a preescort between 8:00 p.m., and 2:45 a.m. live at uc santa cruz, maureen naylor. the investigation into the death of a worker has found fault with his employer for
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unsafe working conditions. richard din was working with a rare form of meningitis. osha faulted the va center for not providing vaccines. the va center says since then, it has taken several actions to remedy the problems. only on 2, our exclusive ktvu field poll shows governor jerry brown is enjoying his highest approval rating since being elected two years ago. 31% say they do not approve of his performance. the same poll found 48% of voters think the state is headed in the right direction. that's the highest percentage in five years. however, 42% of californians think the state is heading in the wrong direction. the san francisco giants will soon begin their quest for another world series title. see how their success could cost you, even if you never go
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to a game. >> clear skies out there tonight, but it's going to get cold. temperatures in the 20s in some places. >> the club drug with the innocent sounding name, sold to bay area teens. the side-effects that remain after the high is gone. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ the sack -- success of the san francisco giants is leading to a spike. not just in the price of
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tickets, but for parking. live outside at&t park about how much meters are increasing. >> reporter: julie, as you know, come game day, parking in this area, and driving in this area is terrible, transportation officials have a solution. charge fans more to park, to the tune of $7 an hour. the backup on the embarcadero during tonight's commute is nothing compared to the major traffic mess when the giants are in town. >> the traffic is horrendous. >> reporter: forget about finding a parking spot. >> it's crazy. there is none. >> reporter: this is the answer to both of those problems. increase the cost to park on game days, or during other special events, starting march 4. >> these changes are meant to make it easier to find a parking space, and reduce congestion. >> reporter: he says the idea is that charging more for high
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demand spots will deter driving. >> those that do will be able to find a spot quickly. >> reporter: here's how the meter changes will affect giants fans. if you catch the home opener against the cardinals on april 5, and snag a spot close to at&t park, the rate will be $7 an hour. park further away from the ballpark in the yellow area, and it will cost you $5 an hour. >> $28 for a game? that's crazy. >> reporter: even when there isn't a game, or special event, the meters in the area will be in effect until 10:00 p.m. monday through saturday. >> do you think it's fair? >> reporter: frank and julie, the residents we spoke with certainly don't think the fair. they question why they're being forced to pay more to park out their homes, even though they never catch a giant's game. >> more details, ferries that go straight to at&t park, may
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start costing more. golden gate transportation district, and are considering a $2 surcharge for tickets bout online and -- bought online and over the phone. boeing reportedly has a temporary fix for the problems with the batteries on its 787 dreamliners, the entire fleet has been grounded for more than a month after one lithium-ion battery caught fire, and another overheated. this friday, boeing plans to present the fix to federal aviation officials. it is said to involve a heavier battery case. all three major stock indexes fell today. s & p had its biggest lost of the year, 18 points. analysts blame reports that some federal reserve officials are doubtful about continuing the bank's economic stimulus. tesla reported a $75 million loss for the fourth quarter.
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the loss was greater than analysts expected. shares of the electric car company fell about 6%. they were optimistic there would be a small profit this quarter though. if you clicked on yahoo today, chances are you saw a whole new home page. this was yahoo's first resign in four years. saying it's all about tayloring the page to users interests, and apps. today pg and e said they figured out what caused last night's power problems in san rafael. they affected about 20,000 customers in the tear linda, and lucas valley areas. pg and e says the outage was caused by a broken switch at a substation, and that it was fixed by about 11:00 last night. now to hayward, where the city has approved a moratorium
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on internet cafes. if a customer wins, they're paid out on the spot. the city attorney is working to shut down the internet sweepstakes. ktvu's john sasaki looks at how these cuts will affect every day services from the airport to unemployment. >> reporter: this afternoon, passing through oakland airport was smooth for most people. >> hold 15 minutes max. >> that's not bad. >> not bad at all. >> reporter: that could all change if deep across the board budget cuts, known as sequester, happen on march 1. the tsa and faa would likely suffer widespread furloughs. >> it makes me furious. this is not right. >> reporter: we met a traveler who says her husband already
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suffered a loss. >> they already canceled one of the large air shows in phoenix, because of the budget cuts. >> reporter: also possibly hard hit, head start, the unemploys, even first responders, and teachers who could be laid off. >> it certainly will slow the economy down. this is another bump in the road that we shouldn't have put there ourselves. >> reporter: the president calls the automatic cuts a meat cleaver approach. republican house speaker john boehner said today, you created it, you fix it. a north bay traveler said he is not worried. >> said recently, there is a bird that's able to fly, it has a left wing, it has a right wing, and is somehow still able to fly. so i think it will work. >> reporter: the republicans and democrats fly like that by march 1. in oakland, john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. nasa has released new images of the asteroid that
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flew by earth last week. nasa says it's the clearest picture yet. as that asteroid was headed away from earth. the images were taken over the span of about 8 hours. it was warmer today than yesterday by about 5 or 10 degrees. temperatures tonight are going to get pretty chilly. that cold air that brought us snow on bay area peaks continues to filter into the area. it's settling in with light ridgeds tonight. current temperature in santa rosa is 46. 43 in napa. 47 in concourt. numbers are going to drop down into the low 30s. even upper 20s in some north bay valleys. napa 29 degrees for an overnight low. frosts on the windchills, if you've been having much frost and a chilly start to your day.
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when i come back, the five-day forecast, we're going to go looking for rain. there is a little bit of unsettled weather in the five day. we'll take a look at your weekend as well. see you back here. three northern california cities have received letters to see if they're interested in bidding the 2024 olympic games. san francisco was one of the cities contacted by the olympic committee. today, san jose's mayor said san jose just doesn't have the billions of dollars needed to pay for sports facilities, or an olympic village. is a spokeswoman for mayor ed lee's office in san francisco said right now, the city is focused on the america's cup, and a super bowl bid. $33 million. handing out some big prizes. and you won't want to miss tonight's special report. in 8 minutes, ktvu investigates, the illegal club drug, and why it's gaining popularity among teens. >> plus, a big brawl after a
10:23 pm
late night of partying. what we've learned about a change in police resources in that area. [ announcer 1 ] today's business travel challenge: redeeming a reward flight. the other airlines versus southwest. [ starter's airhorn ] these executives have earned reward flights... [ announcer 2 ] they just need to pick a date. those other airlines never make it easy. oh, that's a great day to fly. ahh! he just got the blackout knockout! but here's the southwest solution! every date is available and so is every seat! this executive can't lose! he's a champ with rapid rewards.
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business travelers win with southwest!
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the peninsula humane society is offering another $1,000 reward after yet another animal was shot on the peninsula. an extra showed lead bullets in its brain and between its hips. the humane society said they had to euthanize the animal because of its injuries. since december, 13 animals, including that raccoon have been shot on the peninsula. by day, north beach is one of san francisco's most popular neighborhoods. by night, drunken brawls. what one neighbor caught on
10:26 pm
video. >> huge brawl, call the cops. >> reporter: pushing, shoving, punches thrown. it happened early sunday morning at a parking lot on broadway. a series of fights broke out. it took place more than an hour to break them up. two officers were injured. one was kicked in the head. roger weinman lives in north beach and is a member of the neighborhood police association. >> these were folks that were very intoxicated that were pushed out from the clubs. they were mingling with other folks in the streets. either 18-year-olds that drink on the streets. that's when the skirmish began. >> he threw the garbage can through times, and finally went right through the glass here. >> reporter: the police officers told me, many officers have been pulled from patrolling north beach, to many other violent neighborhoods because of understaffing. >> we're working together with the community, the
10:27 pm
entertainment commission, and the board of supervisors. >> unfortunately, this incident continued to highlight the need for more patrolling on broadway. >> reporter: the problems persist. >> i've seen the good times, and i've seen the bad times. this is the low point, unfortunately. >> reporter: one idea is the creation of a community benefits direct. they would pay an extra fee, with the extra money going to increased security. the leaders of google, and facebook embarked on a philanthropic mission today. mark zuckerberg described the importance of the awards. >> the sponsors are committed
10:28 pm
to providing five prizes of $3 million each year, going forward. the state of california released funding projections today for k through 12 schools under the governor's new spending plan. the state department of finance says the majority of school districts will see a moderate, to significant increase in funding. the projection is done on a per student basis. if you want to see the entire list, just go to, and scroll down to the hot topics section. our special report is just minutes away. one you won't want to miss if you have teenagers. >> how many people in this crowd have seen molly? >> tonight, we investigate an illegal club drug that's gone mainstream. it's getting plenty of play in pop culture. >> plus, we're monitoring that police standoff in berkely. anup date on the situation right after the break.
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more now on our developing news in berkely, where a man is barricaded inside a house. we spoke to officers just about 10 minutes ago, they say that a police negotiator is trying to contact the man who's holed up there. the situation began about 7:00. police received reports of shots being fired from a car. officers traced the registered owner to the home on addson about five blocks from the uc campus. a s.w.a.t. team is now on the scene. there are no reports of any injuries. it was a day to celebrate the men and women of blue in san francisco, as 56 officers were promoted today. ♪ [ music ] >> several bay area law enforcement agencies are now looking to hire new officers and recruits after years of layoffs. the new crop of san francisco
10:32 pm
recruits includes officers who left smaller departments in search of a challenge. >> san francisco, there are so many different assignments, you can immerse yourself in different trainings, and things like that. and be a part of that assignment. >> across the bay, the oakland police department is set to graduate 41 new officers next month. don't expect any new bars to open up this year in walnut creek. they will not great permission for new alcohol permits, because the city has a shortage of police departments. walnut creek is deemed oversaturated. the police department must be consulted before licenses are granted. the chief says the moratorium will be reconsidered in 2014. today, two california highway patrol officers were presented with this nation's highest honor for emergency
10:33 pm
responders. sean hailer, and rafael rivera are on the left of your screen. they are are among 14 living recipients of the medal of valor. today they were honored by attorney general eric holder, and vice president joe biden. >> you all share, you are crazy, god love you, you all share a selflessness that's not easily explained of commitment to your fellow man, that's rare. >> hailer and rivera were recognized for their heroic actions during a shootout in 2010, with an arson suspect in the fresno town of minkler. the suspect later took his on life. jesse jackson jr. today pleaded guilty to federal charges of spending campaign fees for personal use. under a plea deal, he faces up to 57 months in jail. his father, jesse jackson was
10:34 pm
in court today, but had no comment. sentencing is set for june 28. police on the peninsula are looking for potential victims of a 32-year-old tae kwon do instructor. ralph todd is facing charges, including lewd acts of a person 14 or under. annoying, and molesting a child, and possession of child pornography. investigators say he was an instructor at tim's tie condough academy in redwood city for 12 years. he was arrested in december. todd is now out on bail, and set to return to court april 10. in tonight's special report, an all club drug with a new name is catching on in a big way with teens and college students here in the bay area. it's also getting plenty of free advertising in songs. ktvu's eric rasmussen now tells us about the illegal drug called molly. >> reporter: it's supposed to be the latest way to really feel the music.
10:35 pm
>> please help me find molly. >> reporter: the club drug known simply as molly. madonna seemed to be talking about it at this concert in miami last year. >> how many people in this crowd have seen molly? >> reporter: now hip-hop is taking it to a new audience. ♪ [ music ] >> obviously, it's becoming a big hit. everybody is doing it. >> reporter: we're not identifying this teenager, he's among molly's new generation of users. >> i've definitely been up for a whole night off molly. >> reporter: molly, an innocent nickname for mdma. it's chemically the same drug as ecstasy, which comes in pill form and can be mixed with other drugs. some claim molly, in powder, or capsules is pure mdma. >> they see it as a step up. sort of the designer level mdma.
10:36 pm
>> you hear molly in the songs. pop the pill, you're sweating. it's something they're interested in and want to try. >> reporter: michelle is project manager of eden in hayward. she says more teens, even middle schoolers have mentioned experimenting with molly in the last three months. collins compares it to a spike in ecstasy's popularity a decade ago, fueled in part by the late bay area rapper. >> they enjoy the feeling, because they miss it with marijuana, which mellows them out. >> reporter: mdna causes a brain to release a surge of serotonin. leaving them deplete of this chemical. >> anytime you're taking an illegal substance, you don't know what you're putting in
10:37 pm
your body. >> reporter: joseph is an expert in special event medicine. he warns young people should be aware of claims that molly is pure mdma. >> there's no easy way to test for purity. most kids don't have that in their back pocket to check. >> it was funny, the first time i did molly, i went to this party. >> reporter: this teenager told us cost makes molly even more attractive. it goes from 5 to $20 a bill. >> it's affordable. if your parents give you $5 for lunch. there you go. that's enough to get you some molly for the day. >> reporter: a cheep thrill that could come at a high cost. eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. experts say there's only limited research on the long term effects of molly, or mdma. they also say most overdoses that lead to emergency room visits are the result of mixing several drugs at one time. if you have an idea for a ktvu special report, email us.
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send your tip to i reports at kelloggs has recalled special k, because of glass. the company may ask consumers to send them the old cereal for research. you can find more details on our website, under web links. giant goldfish in lake tahoe. in nine minutes, the evidence they do in fact exist, and why researchers say that is a big concern. >> bill martin is working on his complete forecast. he's back at 10:45 with what we can expect through the weekend. >> up first, new details about the disturbing discovery of a tourist's body inside a hotel water tank.
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there are a number of unanswered questions tonight, following the discovery of a dead body in a water tank of a hotel in downtown los angeles. police found the body of a missing canadian woman in the rooftop tank yesterday, after guests at the cecil hotel complained about a lack of water pressure. police said then that the water seemed safe. today, health officials issued a do not drink order.
10:42 pm
how the woman's body ended up in the tank is unclear. police said it would be difficult. for that reason, her death is considered suspicious. in news of the world, in south africa, the lead detective testified that he had no evidence to challenge pistorius's claim that the shooting was accidental. off the coast of antarctica, anti-whaling activists claim they were deliberately rammed by a japanese whaling vessel. members of the sea conservation society are trying to disrupt whaling by the japanese who claim it's done for scientific purposes. the japanese government is threatening legal action. scientists and officials rode in buses as people cheered in north korea. the test drew international
10:43 pm
condemnation, but it's very popular at home. the united nations is now considering additional sanctions. the coast guard joined in a drill to test a new way of getting help to people who are in trouble in the water. emergency responders wanted to find out if it's sufficient to lower rescuers by a basket. the drill simulated a rescue from a capsized boat a lot like an emergency last october, in marin county. >> there are two children, that were stuck inside a capsized vessel that were taken out of the vessel. once it got pulled to shore, but sometimes you don't have that time. agencies that took part in the drill included the san francisco police and fire departments, along with the south marin fire and sausalito fire departments. today the company announced
10:44 pm
plans for a new futuristic campus. they released renderings of the campus it intends to build. nvidia says construction is supposed to start in june. no word on when the second building might be built. san francisco's luxury hotel near union square has a new owner. a real estate investment trust called hospitality properties reportedly paid $120 million for the hotel on geary street. the building was commissioned by a wealthy attorney back in 1913. the same architect dined the palace in san francisco's lincoln park. in three minutes -- >> you're like what is that? >> giant goldfish in lake tahoe. >> a dangerous drive, a string of crashes all caught on camera. >> we're not in the clear from the rain. when we could have more wet
10:45 pm
weather in your complete bay area forecast. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter.
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a crash is caught on tape as snow and ice made for a dangerous day on a southern california freeway. and a news camera was rolling when car after car crashed in san bernandino county this morning. in all, there were four accidents in the area in less than three minutes. no one was seriously hurt. the chp is still clearing roads after a storm dumped six inches of snow in the sonora area. including a school bus that went over an embankment yesterday. tow trucks were at the scene this morning, looking to clear the bus. the chp says the students and driver only suffered cuts and bruises. something unusual is turning up in lake tahoe.
10:48 pm
giant goldfish. reporter kevin oliver says researchers think it's the result of a growing problem they're calling aquarium dumping. >> reporter: they search for fish like the large mouthed bass. researchers stun the fish and then catch them with a net. >> you can get 200 fish in one scoop. >> reporter: that's how christine struck gold. >> you're like, what is that? you take a net and scoop it up. it's a goldfish. >> reporter: the same species sold in your pet store. but they're not ordinary goldfish. they're giant. >> the question is how long has it been there, and how many others are there in the lake? >> reporter: you might not think goldfish could survive a winter in lake tahoe. but scientists found not only
10:49 pm
are they surviving, they're multiplying. >> one day, they caught 15 in just this corner. >> reporter: researchers think they're introduced by people emptying fish bowls, or aquariums into lakes or streams. it confirms a new threat. >> those small things that people do can have a large impact when you consider that probably not just one person doing it. >> reporter: biologists believe if the numbers grow, goldfish could ultimately affect lake tahoe's renouned clarity. >> reporter: biologies say there are more than 100 times more large mouth bass, which pose a greater risk for now. but the growing number of goldfish show just how easy it is for an invasive species to take hold. >> they're also turning up unexpectedly in lakes and
10:50 pm
streams in arizona, michigan, the u.k. and france. a spectacular trail in san francisco is off limits because of rain damage. $6million were spent last summer improving the california coast trail. rain washed out 65 feet of the path. engineers want to see how the unstable soil responds to more rain. a forgotten piece of history. the original stone cast of the iwo jima monument. the original cast is expected to sell for more than $1 million in new york on friday. getting chilly out there tonight. we'll be cold again tomorrow morning. the overnight low is going to be freezing, and below freezing
10:51 pm
in some of the inland bay valleys. a few clouds have come in overhead. outside right now, you see these clouds coming down the coast. partly cloudy skies. that will kind of keep things from getting too cool, too fast. once the clouds go through, temperatures are going to start to drop again. it's going to be a very cool overnight. we've got some rain, but it wasn't a lot. what did it do for our percents of average? not a lot. 92% of average in santa rosa. 78% in san jose with 8 inches, or coming up on 8 inches. we haven't had much rain at all really. all of this rainfall and percentages basically came in december for us with the heavy rains we've had. tonight, it's cold. frost when you wake up. tomorrow is a day a lot like today. saturday, it looks like we might see friday night late into saturday, a slight chance for a sprinkle. the slight chance is saturday morning. not a big deal. we'll get that in the computer model. these greens are 60s. we're going to see low 60s
10:52 pm
tomorrow. the blues are 50s. the low pressure center that brought snow to southern california, you saw those pictures of the san bernandino mountains. high pressure sets up now, we're dry. it continues into friday, late friday night, saturday, things change a bit. but this pattern holds for 48 hours. thursday night looks okay. into friday, or friday morning, then friday afternoon, evening, see what happens, clouds move in. late friday night, early saturday morning, that's it. that's not a rain event at all. that's just a chance of a sprinkle. then you see it clears out pretty rapidly saturday afternoon. of course the chinese new year parade. we'll have it here on channel 2. if you're going out there, it looks a little chilly. but dry. 60 in antioch. the forecast highs, not too bad for this time of year. no rain in the five-day forecast really to speak of.
10:53 pm
that little blip on saturday. we need rain, and this five day doesn't have it. and quite frankly, the next five day doesn't have much in it. >> the month is almost over. >> we'll be watching it for you. as it is now, early saturday morning, maybe a sprinkle. >> thank you bill. napa county winery today started an experiment that involves bottle aging wine, but in the ocean. the owner of mira winery is from charleston, south carolina. that's where four cases of cabernet savoignon went in today.
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10:56 pm
lance armstrong may have done an interview with oprah winfrey, but he has decided not to talk under oath. he has been told to talk about what he knows about doping under oath if he wants to lift his ban from competition. victory from the warriors. >> sounds nice. >> sharks last night, what are
10:57 pm
you going to do? a little hyperbolic earlier tonight, when the coach called it the most important victory of the year. but when you've lost six straight. it was thompson bobblehead night. he had the steady hand. 21 in the 1st half alone. 28 all told for him. the 4th quarter, after leading all the way, the suns make their move. steph curry steps into the act. back to the nice ball movement we saw earlier in the year on a consistent basis. jared jack off the bench with 21. hits the three there. the warriors take care of the suns by 10. college court tonight, simply no contest. gonzaga, ho-hum over santa clara. 44-15 at halftime. santa clara trailing. he takes the pass on the
10:58 pm
bounce, knows what to do with it. what you call your high percentage shot. 85-42 the final. we've been talking a lot about the giants of late. thank you for the emails. talk about the a's, after winning the al west they certainly deserve some attention. this video from sunday as the a's work it out. the core of the playoff team back, but they do have some newcomers, like jed lowrie, product of stanford, and also veteran outfielder chris young who came over from the diamondbacks over the winter. very familiar with what the a's, have accomplished, and wants very much to be part of their further growth. >> i'm a pretty easy going guy. in my opinion, i'm all about having fun as well. oakland is a great place to be able to do that. and at the same time, when i get on the field, there about winning. and winning is always fun. we continue winning, we can continue the dancing and everything else they do over there. it sure wasn't baseball
10:59 pm
weather in the desert today. not good for golf either. the match play championship suspended by terrible weather as you look at the time lapse video. inches of snow in the middle of the desert in arizona. the best 64 golfers in the world put on hold. certainly not par for the coast. nba trade line near. how about the warriors considering this guy. outside the species they would go to pick up this duncan otter. this is ede, the 15-year-old sea otter who has had arthritis in both of his elbows. working his joints with the ball in the hoop. definitely able to take it to the rim on a regular basis. pretty nice for a wednesday night. i said earlier, i didn't even know otters had elbows. >> eddie has some moves, that's for sure. it looks like it's working. >> he was better than anybody in the du
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